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Zen to Done
The Ultimate Simple Productivity System
Leo Babauta  (Author)
Fred Stella  (Narrator)
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
New Age
Format: OverDrive WMA Audiobook

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Zen To Done is a system that is at once simple, and powerful. It will help you develop powerful habits:

  • how to organize tasks and projects to keep your workday simple and structured
  • how to keep your desk and email inbox clean and clear
  • how to focus what you need to do without distraction. This book was written for those who want to get their lives organized and actually execute the things on their to-do list by changing existing habits. And let me say that changing your habits is possible. Using the habit-changing techniques I describe in this book, I have made many habit changes: I quit smoking, started running, started eating healthier, completed a marathon, doubled my income and got my finances in order, have almost eliminated my debt now, completed a triathlon, lost more than 20 pounds, and started a successful blog, and more.
  • About the Author

    Leo Babauta has been a reporter, editor, speechwriter, and freelance writer for the last 17 years. Babauta lives in Guam with his wife and five children, where he posts regularly on

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